"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Lazy Days of Summer

The "Lazy Days of Summer" are disappearing fast (and the grown-ups are wondering when exactly we'll get to fit in the "lazy" part!) We have enjoyed many camping trips in our trusty old motor home this summer, most of them close by at Cherry Creek Reservoir--pretending that we're at the beach! The kids have also delighted themselves in frequent trips to the library, playdates with some favorite friends, riding bikes and scooters, eating ice cream, creating contraptions, forts and anything else they can get away with (usually in the backyard), watching our little garden yield the first vegetables of the season, playing t-ball, earning extra credit points for summer school work and attending evening Vacation Bible School. Emily also enjoyed a dance camp in June. She is seldom found without her nose in a book!~and nearly walks on clouds when she rounds the corner (on library day) and sees that Sarah, her favorite librarian, is working! Levi is thinking nearly non-stop of the next contraption he can create and enjoying reading as well. Daniel loves to play board games and work on puzzles. Samuel's greatest delight is driving his big car in the backyard. He heads to the backyard, bids us farewell and tells us he's "going to Africa" several times a day! Anna has taken a few steps lately, absolutely loves to climb the stairs (super fast!) and will soon be chasing the older kids around the yard. She has a smile that won't quit and a delightful personality, she and Samuel can frequently be found "singing" together (Samuel mixing up all the words to "Every move I make" and Anna chiming in with "na, na, na na na na na!" . . . they are quite a sight!