"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Look Mom, It's Christmas Day"!

That is what Anna exclaimed with great delight as she looked out the window Monday ~ at the already budding trees buckling under yet another blanket of new snow. Her holiday calendar is a bit off, but her whole world was white and glistening once again ~ with just four days left in April! Just when we think we can polish off the last of the cinnamon rolls, pack up the boots and snow suits and move on to warmer weather--it snows again! Sigh. Such is springtime in Colorado!

Levi had the distinction of having the first birthday party (in our family) which included sledding and hot chocolate! Fortunately, we are blessed with a great back yard, the side of which is sloped -- making a perfect sledding course!

We had a revelation while decorating Easter eggs a few weeks ago . . . we noticed that it wasn't as messy and chaotic as in years past. It appears that our kids have crossed that threshold (at least the majority of them have) which allows projects like that to be . . . do I dare say it? ~ enjoyable!

Even though the ground may be white, we are moving (at least mentally) into the days of winding down the school year and anticipating summer! Drama performances, dance performances, the culmination of AWANAs and other church activities are upon us.

We still don't have a definite sense of Kevin's next step (with work), but we are hoping to fairly soon. We will keep you updated.