"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kids are funny

Samuel was in the car with me and I slowed down for a traffic light:

(Samuel) Mom, did you just step on the brake pedal?
(me) Yes, I did -- you're right!
(Samuel) The brake pedal is on the driver's side and the "go pedal" is on the passenger side . . . but really they're both on the driver's side, because there's no steering wheel on the passenger side!


One of the things we've been studying in school lately is sea creatures (sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, etc.). At 7:00 Saturday morning, Daniel and Emily had climbed into our bed and were talking with us.

(me) What's Levi doing?
(Emily) Oh, he's reading a book
(me) What book?
(Emily) One of the library books on sharks and whales, he's trying to find out what kind of whale swallowed Jonah!

Samuel was in the car with Kevin and told him "when I get older I want to have a car just like this . . . but people will have to teach me how to turn the radio on!"


We were discussing human development and how long babies generally are when they are born. In our family they were pretty much 20 - 21" at birth. We decided to measure how long our little dog, Suki, is . . . just so the kids would have a visual point of reference. He is pretty close to 21". As I was measuring him, he stretched out and was closer to 23". After I let the poor dog hop down from the couch Anna turned to me and said "when I was a doggie I was 23 inches!"