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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Field Trip ~ Plan C!

So . . . for quite a while we had been planning to go on a "field trip" to the Sand Dunes this weekend . . . about 4 hours away from our home. (It seemed like a good excuse for an adventure in our travel trailer and it coincided with some of our current studies). Unfortunately, several things conspired against us and we ended up not being able to go. Much of our family has been fighting sickness for the past week and with the onset of cold weather last weekend, Kevin became very unexcited about the prospect of hauling the trailer over the snowiest mountain pass in CO (to get to the dunes). After several reconfigurations of our plan, we ended up settling for a short field trip today to the Western Museum of Mining and Industry (In CO Springs). The kids and I had been there a few years ago and enjoyed it ~ and we wanted Kevin to go this time! They have an amazing tour guide (Brad) who really loves what he does . . . it was a good choice and the kids were not disappointed.