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Friday, October 30, 2009

More Snow Fun

The kids have spent the better part of the day sledding in our back yard (and in the park across the street) with some friends of theirs. The trampoline that came with our house is semi buried in the ground and our sleds are stored underneath it -- so part of the fun for them was digging the sleds out from under the "trampoline snow fort". I was busy playing a game with their friends' mom--so I failed to take even a single photo of the sledding! =( "Bad, bad mommy"!!(I'm hoping they'll go out again tomorrow and I'll take some then). Pretty fun stuff!, it's even more fun now that three of the five kids can put their own snow gear on ~ there are few things more exhausting to me than the mere thought of putting gloves and boots and snow pants and hats and . . . on toddlers!