"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little things

We haven't had an action packed weekend, but it's been a fairly fun one. We went to a small scale car show yesterday (close by) and even saw Elvis!! The kids really enjoyed it, Emily actually spent more time looking at the cars than the boys did! (the boys looked around too, but Emily took the judging aspect VERY seriously) Levi took the free lunch seriously! Somehow the kids didn't get all the pieces together correctly ~ that a car is not valuable simply because it's old (since they asked me if my van was a collector's item yet!!), we saw some awfully pampered cars yesterday (not at all like my quite old and very well loved, but not at all pampered, mini van!)

Last night we had dinner at my dad's house and the kids had fun trying to beat Grandpa at a game called Spud. After dinner we played Quirkle and Emily and Grandma Karen teamed up to beat the rest of us! We're thankful for our neighbors today. They rescued our dog and kept him safe (he decided to run away right as we were leaving for church). Emily also got to play with some other girls in the neighborhood this afternoon (girls she's seen before but never played with--a very fun thing for her).

It's been beautiful outside today and we just returned from a longer than usual family bike ride. We ended up at the local high school track, where the kids practiced jumping hurdles (a first for all of them)--they were actually really good! We made an executive decision to leave 'on a high note', before they got tired and started missing them! They're gearing up for the local kids' triathlon in May and then summer track and field season soon thereafter. Anna and Samuel are even going to do track and field this year! Anna squeaks in just under the age cut off by a mere 8 days!, so she'll probably be the youngest one there (but if you know Anna, that won't bother her at all!)

Tomorrow, Emily and Levi (and mom!) are headed up to a camp in the mountains for a few days to attend a Mountain Lab School that I've been organizing for homeschoolers. They're excited! We'll be doing hands on studies in nature, weather, forestry, animal tracking and survival skills, etc., learning about CO history and doing some fun things like ropes courses and campfires too. More on that when we return! For now, we're getting ready to enjoy the first sweet corn of the season and do our (third week of) family Bible study. It's the little things =).