"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tiny Town and Geocaching

Over Memorial Day weekend we escaped for a little adventure in the mountains (and we had the rare opportunity to steal Grandpa for the day, which the kids were very excited about). We visited a spot that has been a favorite place through the years for our older kids, but Samuel and Anna haven't been to it enough to even remember it (which should have told us that we were overdue for a visit there!). "Tiny Town" is just outside Denver and is comprised of lots of fun little houses, many of them based on local landmarks, some of which the kids can actually climb inside and explore. There is also a coal powered train that simply must be ridden when we visit!

After exploring Tiny Town and enjoying a picnic lunch, we went to Mt. Falcon Park and went geocaching! Our GPS led treasure hunting was far more successful than it has been in the past and we found three rather large caches which were each filled with fun little trinkets. The kids had fun putting things in the boxes in exchange for the little treasures they took out! Samuel and Anna were quite the little troopers during all that hiking!