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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Track & Field and Swim Team

We are well into the season for swim team and track. Emily was very excited to improve her freestyle time dramatically between the first and second meets. She was disqualified her first time in the breaststroke, but now she knows that both hands have to touch the wall! Levi was encouraged (by his coach) to compete in the backstroke and did a great job. He joined the team a little late and didn't compete in the first meet. Emily, as the "veteran swim-teamer in the family" enjoyed supporting him at his first meet. We can see big improvements in all three of the older kids' swimming as a result of swim team ~ and Daniel isn't even on the team! (but as I type he and Levi are off at the pool swimming together). Emily was delighted to master the "flip turn" and thinks it's the coolest thing in world (chocolate aside!)

Levi and Daniel have come back for another very "blue ribbon" season at track. Last year it seemed like they won every event that they entered (except for one very close second place), the first meet of this year was a definite de ja vu experience. Those boys are fast! Samuel and Anna are enjoying their first year of track. They certainly aren't competitive, but they're sure having a good time! Anna is the youngest child on the team but is apparently one of the better long jumpers in her group.