"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Midwest Road Trip

We returned home yesterday from a six day road trip with the kids, the dog and our travel trailer. We set out on Daniel's birthday, our eyes fixed firmly on one goal ~ to sleep outside of Wal-Mart at least once!! Okay, that wasn't really the main goal, but it was the part I was, oddly, most giddy about!

Our first stop was just outside of Omaha where we visited Taylor and (his fiance) Kelsey. We got to see Taylor's house and Kelsey's college, had lunch at Taylor's favorite restaurant, visited with his grandma and other siblings and even got to play on the big slides that we used to take Taylor to when he was younger. But perhaps most importantly, we finally beat Taylor and Kelsey at Spades! =)

After Omaha, we went south to Oklahoma City to visit with my great aunt and cousins. We ate way too much really yummy pizza and then toured the recently completed Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. The memorial was creatively designed and very memorable. The kids enjoyed the reflecting pool and the area where they could leave messages in sidewalk chalk.

From Oklahoma, we drove back to central Kansas and played around in the town of Hutchinson. We visited a space-themed swimming pool and an underground salt mine . . . both were very fun!

Our drive back home was made most memorable (and prayerful!) by some whopping Kansas winds! Let's just say that it isn't fun to haul a big 'boxy' trailer down the highway when there are strong gusts of wind relentlessly blowing at you from the side. Our drive was much slower that day, and we ended up spending an extra night on the road (yeay for "boondocking" at rest areas!)

We arrived home safely, a bit tired, but thankful . . . basking in a contented state of triumph and satisfaction having finally (drumroll please . . .) slept outside of Wal-Mart . . . not just once, but twice! Mission accomplished!