"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strange . . . and stranger!

Our little dog, Suki, recently had a birthday . . . so we made a 'dog friendly cake' and special peanut butter doggie treats and had a small doggie party!

That's strange.

Stranger still is that our 'dog loving Emily' decided a few months ago that if dogs have seven birthdays each year that we should be able to figure out exactly when Suki turns (doggie equivalent of) the "big 5-0" ~ and we should certainly mark the occasion with a big party (she hasn't mentioned anything about celebrating her dad's 50th birthday, which is only a few months after that . . . we see how he rates!)

So, according to Emily's mathematical calculations, January 6th is the big day. If one of Suki's little "dog friends" happens to live at your house, be on the look-out for an invitation! (or not)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Taylor turns 25 years old today . . . which just doesn't seem quite possible (he was only 6 when I met him!) I remember babysitting him one night in 1992, while Kevin was busy doing something at the coffee house (an outreach, to the homeless, which he was running at the time). We were trying to be really quiet, but Taylor had a case of the unstoppable giggles! . . . after many failed attempts to be quiet, he finally looked at me and explained that 'the crank on his giggle box was broken'! (and then he erupted into another fit of giggles). . . what a cutie!

Admittedly, we haven't been able to have as much time with him over the years as we would have liked . . . but I have great memories of Christmas visits and plenty of camping and fishing trips with him (here in CO). We also enjoyed lots of drives to Nebraska to visit him ~ and almost always stayed in the same hotel, with a really fun indoor pool. He has grown into a remarkable young man who is a friend to many and is very well loved. We're looking forward to another big event in his life (his wedding) in approximately 194 days . . . but we don't know anyone who's counting!