"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Silly kids

We spent Thanksgiving in the mountains with my sister and her family ~ we played lots of ping pong and foosball while we were there. After winning several games of ping pong against his cousin (Tommy) and his uncle (Chris), Daniel declared "I dominated the Murray men, now I just need to conquer the Murray women". My sister asked him if he was a conquistador . . . to which he replied "no, I'm a ping-pong-ador!"


I'm regularly reminding my kids that we need to "dwell together in unity" (and I often begin the sentence and let them fill in the blank). In the car a few days ago, I started the familiar reminder, "dwell together in . . . " Before anyone could fill in the blank with "unity", Samuel chimed in with "our underwear"!