"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Colorado seems to be joining the rest of the country in a moment of climate confusion and weather extremes. A week and a half ago it was 67 degrees, sunny and scrumptious! (I even cleaned the garage!), a few days later temperatures plummeted to -14 degrees (which is extremely cold for around here) . . . and it seems like it's been snowing ever since! AWANA was canceled tonight for the second week in a row. Community Bible Study was canceled last week (forcing us to eat our Groundhog's Day cupcakes all by ourselves!) Emily, however, was delighted that dance started back up again today, in spite of the steadily falling snow.

The kids aren't minding the snow at all since it's one of our family traditions to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast when there is new snow on the ground . . . plenty of happy breakfast moments around here lately! Levi has also been enjoying plenty of snow shoveling moments (his favorite!). He was thrilled to venture out with Kevin Sunday morning to help shovel the walks at church also! We had good friends over for the afternoon of the Super Bowl and the kids squeezed in some sledding time at the park across the street before the commercials and snack-fest (and game!) began.

A recent highlight for us was the chance to share an afternoon and evening with Emily to celebrate her "half birthday" (she's halfway to 23 ~ oh my!). The other four kids enjoyed hanging out with their cousins while Emily tried out riding an indoor zip line, indulged herself in her favorite treat from Wendy's (french fries dunked in a Frosty-cino with whipped cream!). We also took her to see "Secretariat" and topped off the evening with her favorite ~ Chinese food! Without a doubt, half-birthday celebrations have become one of our most treasured traditions.