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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

We took a bold and daring step this year ~ and updated one of our family traditions!

For the past many years we have enjoyed a "Family Valentine's Celebration" (usually just before Valentine's Day) which has always consisted of the same menu: heart shaped meatloaf, pink milk, pink mashed potatoes (or heart shaped pasta), pink heart shaped biscuits, red grapes . . . I don't need to go on, but you see a theme here!

In the past year or two the kids have come to the conclusion that they really don't care for meatloaf - at all. They have, however, always loved fondue! So, we said goodbye to our cute little individual heart-shaped meatloaves and said hello to another occasion for fondue! It's such a fun, leisurely meal and everyone loves it.

I even tried my hand at making a candy bar bouquet and it turned out fairly cute! (can something involving chocolate really ever turn out otherwise?!) The kids enjoyed opening their little treat bags of Valentine goodies and toasting one another with the sparkling cider that Taylor and Kelsey sent ~ fun times!

And as an added bonus . . . the kids happened to have AWANAs on the evening of the 14th, so Kevin and I had built in childcare for a dinner out by ourselves. Anna had fun helping me make pink chocolate chip waffles on the 14th also -- she's such a fun little kitchen helper!