"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It occurs to me . . .

It occurs to me - that I might not finish . . . updating old posts that is =( I seem to always have this nagging hope that I will have time to go back and finish all the posts that I've begun over the past several months, ending up with a chronologically current and happy blog. Much to my chagrin, I'm discovering that this time perhaps it just isn't going to happen. In the midst of our whirlwind summer and fall (when I've dropped the proverbial ball in nearly every area of life), I have allowed this poor, neglected blog to get so far behind that I didn't feel like there was any chance of ever catching up (and to throw more dirt on my grave, blogspot changed their format a few months ago - which was greatly discouraging!). Either way, being so woefully far behind has kept me from hopping on here regularly (or even semi-regularly) to update it. And I have noticed a part of me is missing. So, maybe, just maybe I will need to come to terms with the reality that a huge chunk of time is going to remain undone for now. I am going to make a concerted effort to quiet all of the little screaming voices inside my head, and allow myself the freedom to start from here . . . without trying to catch up. We'll see if I can really do it or not!