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Monday, April 13, 2015

It's my "oil-a-versary"!

A year ago today, after weeks and weeks of debating with myself, I took the plunge and ordered a Young Living starter kit,  I am SO glad I did!  I very quickly fell in love with essential oils and all of the possibilities they hold.  It wasn't long before family and friends (and even random strangers on the street!) were hearing "there's an oil for that" in response to every imaginable situation.  I've seen some fun things in the past year and I'm still amazed and learning new uses for oils on a daily basis. God, in His great wisdom, built more healing properties into the humble plant world than most Americans (especially) ever give a second thought to.

Contact me if you want to dive into the super cool, awesomely intriguing world of essential oils . .. if you decide to get your own starter kit, just mention this blog (and my "oil-a-versary"!) for a 10% discount.  With 11 incredible oils, an awesome diffuser, several sample packets, wholesale pricing on future orders and no minimum monthly commitment ~ it's the perfect way to get started!  smile emoticon