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Thursday, May 21, 2015

It is finished!

“It is finished”! . . . school that is.  We finished our school year today with the final chapters of Nate Saint’s biography (we actually read it several years ago, but it’s one of our favorites ~ so it was voted back into our biography rotation).  In a unique collision of timing, we also had the honor of meeting a 91 years old retired WWII fighter pilot, ‘Doc’ Cramer, along with some of his missionary friends, Ed & Debby Capps.  As it turns out they’ve actually collaborated with Steve Saint (Nate’s son) in some of the aviation components of their missionary work.  Small world!  The kids also helped get the pool ready for opening day, even though our CO weather continues in a definite state of confusion – a strange mix of Seattle and late September!  We know you’re out there somewhere summer!