"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Daniel's half birthday!

We had the chance to celebrate Daniel's half birthday this afternoon/evening.  We indulged ourselves in several hours of an awesome young man - playing "QuizUp" as we drove around town, eating Arby's curly fries, playing dodgeball at JumpStreet (and watching Daniel conquer the mechanical bull and the 'walking sticks' and do flips while shooting baskets!) We also enjoyed the Paddington Bear movie together - and enough popcorn to bury someone alive. Somehow Daniel even saved room for ice cream on the way home!

We continue to be amazed at this young man's intellect.  He recently took the IOWA assessments (standardized tests that our kids take every other year through our enrichment program) and scored a grade equivalent of 13+ (college freshman) in every category.  I don't put great stock in that assessment, because I feel like they are a bit 'dumbed down' in their expectations. However, he is in 7th grade (if we'd stuck with his birthday and the "official cut off date", he's technically supposed to be in 6th grade) . . . we have always marveled at the unique brain that God has gifted him with.  The things he can do (in his head) with ease cause my brain to cramp!  I am praying for him to use that brain to make a meaningful contribution to the world and more importantly for him to remain humble and kind as he walks into the future that God has for him.

sweaty head!!