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Saturday, March 5, 2016

If I were a "hardcore prepper-type", I'd seriously be stockpiling these two oils (among others!) - because if I ever ran out of them, it really WOULD be the end of the world!!

A few nights ago, I had the start of a sore throat.  Usually one or two sprays of my homemade "Thieves Spray" stops it dead in its tracks.  On this occasion though, I noticed that my trusty Thieves spray didn't work its usual magic.  And, I didn't just have "slightly scratchy and a little bit sore" going on in the back of my throat.  I had that burning lump of fireball down low in your throat, when you try to swallow it away, but it persists . . . the kind that narrows its eyes, clenches its fists and threatens to take you down for several days.  I was actually a little bit worried!  Enter my trusty "heavy hitter" Oregano oil.  I put 4-5 drops in a capsule, with a little bit of coconut oil, swallowed it with some water and went to bed.  In the morning, I was good as new! . . . and in fact, had completely forgotten that I'd ever been concerned.  Yay oils!

Essential oils never cease to amaze me!  Thieves, in particular, has a very fun history.  You can read more about it at my oily website www.yldist.com/lisagrenier.  You can research Oregano oil online or ask me for more information.  I am almost ALWAYS happy to talk about my beloved essential oils, just ask!