"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big, fat sleep-over!

We kicked off the Christmas break (from school) by hosting a big, fat sleep-over! The kids had enrichment classes on Monday - complete with Christmas parties and a talent show (the boys played the piano and Emily did a beautiful dance ~ last photo below). That afternoon we brought home five friends (and a friend of mom and dad's too) and had a blast for the next 24 hours! Grandma (in VA) had sent some fun "kitchen surprises" that the kids didn't know about yet . . . so our first matter of business was the unveiling of an old fashioned popcorn popper AND a cotton candy maker! (hiding behind the kids in the first photo)

The kids were thrilled that we agreed to a "weird utensil dinner" (a favorite of theirs ~ where we force everyone to eat with some strange kitchen utensil rather than a fork or a spoon). We watched movies, feasted on goodies, raced remote control cars and enjoyed the chaos (the very loud chaos) of a full house. We rounded out the time with two hours at "open gym" time.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love this photo! ~ happy hot-tubbing!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving in the mountains

For the past two years we have spent Thanksgiving in the mountains (at Grandma's timeshare) with my sister's family. The kids look forward to it immensely! Both years it has been quite cold, so even though we are in the beautiful CO mountains (and probably ought to be skiing or something impressive like that!) we spend most of our time at the resort enjoying the hot tub, the pool, the foosball and ping pong tables, and just sitting around playing games and relaxing. We also take along the "fixins" for a simple Thanksgiving meal. I'm not sure how long our new tradition will continue, but thus far it has made for some very fun memories and lots of great "cousin time" for the kids!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Every November our little town of Castle Rock has a big event they call "Starlighting" (it's the night when they ceremoniously light the star on the top of the huge rock outcropping, the one which gives the town its name). Big town gathering, lots of vendors, various local businesses handing out fun little trinkets, crowds, activities, hot chocolate, Christmas carols, the works! -- it is the official beginning of the Christmas season for many who live here.

Our little church is perfectly situated in the downtown area to be right in the center of the Starlighting festivities. For many years they've offered a live nativity on the front lawn ~ complete with animals and actors! This year we (the church) added a "petting zoo" to the mix, which was a HUGE hit! Levi had fun being a shepherd in the nativity and several of the kids joined me in helping out with (and trying out!) the petting zoo. Fun, busy day!