"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Friday, March 10, 2017

Road trip musings . . .

(I wrote this while driving through Utah, almost a year ago, but never posted it . . . the photo/memory of starting out on that trip popped up on my FB page today and brought it  back to mind)


These moments bring great joy . . . and an acute awareness of how fast the clock ticks. 

Laughing, teasing, passing candy and colored pencils and essential oils,

Our kids together, a new arrangement (that they came up with themselves) to accommodate ipod chargers and shared interests and longer legs . . . they are laughing and teasing one another, actually conversing (about reading and carsickness), but enjoying being together . . . even coloring to pass the hours - with fancy colored pencils and ‘grown up’ coloring books – part of their little treat sacks that I snuck in the car last night.  Nothing big or fancy, just little surprises to help the hours pass more quickly. 
Relentless questions from a teen whose mind never stops pondering peculiar facets of the universe – another who sounds like she’s auditioning for ‘The Voice’, the back seat is quiet for a moment.  It is calm.  It is peaceful.  It is PURE bliss to be confined together, exploring new territory with familiar faces.  There is anticipation and excitement. 

Full van, full tank of gas, full bellies, full heart. 

No one expresses it, but I think perhaps they sense it too - the magic, the beauty, the brevity of these moments.  It lends itself to a harmony, a cooperation . . . and a peacefulness that I can't quite explain.  
My mind meanders back in time to trips that were even longer (with children who were much smaller!)  The planning was far more involved and overwhelming back then, but the joy equally profound.

My mind can’t help but wander forward to the days to come - when our trips will be much different. Close on its heels, comes the dreaded question “might THIS be our last family road trip”? . . . as we have known them - for this season?  Will future trips be minus a child (or parent) who can’t take time off or work or school? Will future trips involve a convoy of cars (with a boyfriend or girlfriend . . . or, gulp, spouse(!) . . . in tow? I don’t allow my mind to wander to more tragic (yet very possible) scenarios that would dramatically alter our road trips. 

For now, I drink in the treasure of this moment, the hum of the road passing quickly beneath us - and enjoy it while it lasts. It boggles my mind to think there are those who find road trips long, boring, mundane or miserable.  I just don’t see it. 
This is far from mundane.  This, my friend . . . THIS . . . is priceless.