"Enjoy the little things in life ~ one day you'll wake up and realize they were the big things"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Musings on Metamorphosis

So, we recently did the butterfly thing ~ you know, you order caterpillars, they arrive in the mail, they eat really yucky looking "food" for a few days and then they each form a chrysalis and hang upside down (or at least it looks that way) . . . and you wait . . . and you wait . . . and you wait and then one day you wake up and there is a butterfly! Well, all things considered this little adventure went well and we released 5 little butterflies into our backyard earlier today.

Here's where my brain has been wandering recently. A good week or so into the pupal (chrysalis) stage, I commented to Kevin that it sure looked to me like nothing was happening and I wondered if we would ever be seeing butterflies and that if butterflies really did appear that it would be a good lesson for me in "things are really happening, even when it looks like nothing is happening". Well, you guessed it . . . the very next morning we saw our first butterfly. Followed by three more within a few hours. The fourth chrysalis just hung there quietly. After two full days of four butterflies flitting about in their little habitat (and that last chrysalis just hanging there), I told the kids that "maybe the 5th one just wasn't going to become a butterfly. Sometimes that happens. Human babies sometimes make it to the embryo stage, but just don't make it". Low and behold, Emily came running into my room the next morning telling me that there was a 5th butterfly . . . I think I was more surprised than she was. So my take away from this little adventure is two-fold: 1) when we are waiting for something to take place in our lives or for God to answer a particular prayer -- we shouldn't give up too quickly . . . because 2) often times there is a lot happening even when we can't see it. Hmmmmmmm.