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Monday, April 30, 2012

AWANAs wraps up for another year . . .

The kids have just wrapped up another AWANAs season. Since September, they've indulged themselves in great teaching, games, fellowship and fun on a weekly basis. They showed an awesome level of commitment in their memory work, too.

In the fall, we enjoyed participating in the AWANA fun fair. In Feb, Levi and Daniel paired up as a team in the Bible Quiz competition - and got 2nd place!. In March, all of the kids enjoyed designing their pinewood derby cars and competing in the "AWANA Grand Prix" . . . several new trophies entered our house that day! Just a few weeks ago, Emily had the unique opportunity to prepare and teach the weekly lesson for her class. She did an excellent job!

Anna was sick the night of the awards banquet, so she didn't make it into any of the pictures - but she zoomed through her book(s) and received several awards as well. We are thankful for the blessing that AWANAs continues to be to all of our kids.

Allow me to brag on Emily (even more!) for a moment and share this excerpt from the e-mail that her leader sent me just after she taught the lesson:

"I wanted to let you know that Emily did a phenomenal job of teaching the AWANA Trek lesson tonight. Due to the fact that she completed the requirements for the year well ahead of schedule, her demonstrated grasp of Scripture, and clear enthusiasm for the topic (spiritual gifts and service in the Church), I challenged her a couple of weeks ago to prepare a lesson for tonight. Last week, we reviewed her plan for the lesson to verify that she was on target, and tonight she delivered a practical, challenging lesson that was very well-rooted in Scripture with an exercise that encouraged the entire class to look at their own strengths from the perspective of how they could be used to further the Kingdom. I was impressed with the depth of understanding and level of preparation that Emily demonstrated, along with her willingness to stretch herself beyond what she would usually be comfortable with.
I am not aware of another instance of a Trek student leading an entire lesson, let alone doing so with the aplomb that Emily did tonight"

(kudos to our Emily girl!)